Well-worn items…

…and they have been worn WELL.


My first Ebanned auction in years is up and ready for bidding. Find my listings HERE. My user ID is Pr1ncesssarah. I live in sunny Florida now, so the stink I can work up on my sweaty, slick feet is fucking amazing. It’s top-shelf elixir for the most discriminating foot aficionado. Just think of all the fun you could have, with the blinds drawn and the doors locked while you jerk off and fantasize for 24 hours straight.


Brat Princess Sarah Diavola: BOOTS
Worn out and abused in videos & life. Size 6. Will be full of sweat and stink.

Email Me
About My Item
My foot scent can be described as sweet, musky, a little pussy-like, heady, with a hint of vinegar. No cheese here. When I get them stinky, they are intense and capture the hearts of the most picky foot fetishists. I can often smell them myself, from 5’3″ away!

These boots have been in videos and photos over the years, and they show it. They are size 6 Steve Madden skin-tight stiletto heels with pointed toes, burgundy patent leather. The outsides are all torn and peeling, and the insides actually make my feet and legs dirtier after wearing them. They are very comfortable, even though they’re heels, so you know I wore them out often.

I mail all of my packages in vacuum-sealed bags, discreetly labeled, and with fast shipping. Shipping is $10 flat, and you can add $15 for overnight or international packages.

This auction includes the BOOTS, a DVD of FREE VIDEOS, plus the ENTIRE PHOTO SET I took for this shoot. If you have a specific photo request, I will honor ONE additional photo as part of your winnings.




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Edging Games and Ruined Orgasms

Edged to Ruin POV – MP4
This is the ultimate ruined orgasm JOI tease. I’m in all my splendid glory, draped in fishnets, my perfect feet in golden heels, my ass in latex, and my breasts in a tight top. I’m the vision of pure sex, just out of your reach.
I lead you into a full-on masturbation celebration, instructing you on how to stroke your cock. Do exactly as I command, and I will guide your pleasure. I’m the goddess of tease, and the feelings I conjure inside your body are indescribably overwhelming. I control your cock and your nerves, and I will lead you to where I want you.
I stroke you to your limits, edging and tantalizing until you can’t take much more. I bring you to the ledge and make you teeter over the cliff of release… and then I push you off into a painful, unfulfilled abyss of ruination. I taunt your pain and giggle at your predicament. Even though I’ve manipulated your orgasm, you’re still hanging on my every word and body motion. You still crave me. I advise you to keep on your best behavior – in case one day I decide to truly indulge you. Tread lightly on the eggshells of possible orgasm, as I can build you up and crush your dreams in one sexy blow.

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pre-Fetcon 2014

It’s that time again…


Today, the sexy Miss Kayla is coming over, as well as Lilith Astaroth. I’m still packing and doing last-minute stuff, including updating my store so that you pervs will have enough to hold you over until I get back.


I’m really looking forward to this, as I do every year, and I can’t wait to really enjoy it, rather than WORK it. Fuck that. I’m here to have fun, abuse boys who have come from out of state to see me, and make a few videos with people I really like.


Tomorrow, Goddess Kyaa is coming over to fuck around all day, then we are going out to dinner with a kink party 8-strong! I’ll bet you’re drooling over the chance to be a fly on that wall, you filthy boys! Let’s see who’s brave enough to throw himself into the lionesses’ den. I’m sure our Niteflirt lines will be on, as well as our preferred methods of payment.


In case you’ve been living under a rock, here are the Three Goddesses I’m hosting, in order: Miss Kayla, Goddess Kyaa, and Lilith Astaroth (aka Greedy Goddess on Twitter)


Miss Kayla Goddess KyaaLilith Astaroth







If you’re smart, you’ll keep your wallet out and your ears open for humiliation, abuse, and worship.

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2013 FetishCon Quick Recap – FINALLY

So, now that Fetcon 2014 is upon us, it’s about time I posted this recap from 2013. Things have changed, people have evolved, but just reading this makes me excited about this year. No more crammed schedules and rushing around; this year is about photos and fun! If you are not linked in here, please notify me so I can add your link.



This was My busiest Fetcon ever, as far as shoots go. I was going going going nonstop, but the thing about Fetcon is, you don’t sleep at Fetcon, and you don’t miss the fun at Fetcon. Even if I was exhausted by 9pm, there were parties to attend at 10pm and pool fun to be had until 5am. By the end, I was sleepwalking. Then we had a pool party at Our house the Monday afterward!


I don’t want to run off on a huge diary essay about every little thing I did, so I’ll post what pictures I did get (I did NOT get enough pictures, especially of ME!) and caption them a bit.



The night before check-in (Tuesday?), Jason Ninja and I hosted the elegant Queen Kitty, her Muffy Diver/Bubble Butt Sitty, and the adorable Temptress Tiara for a quick night of drinks while I prepped food for our post-Fetcon pool party. I’m always thinking ahead. Not pictured is one of the best people of the entire week, Lilith Astaroth, who was staying with us for the week and rooming with us at the convention. I couldn’t have picked a better roommate, honestly. Between vocal exercises/raptor noises and an impeccable sense for (and inability to tolerate) stupid people, this girl was a complete charm.


fetcon2013_21 fetcon20131

…And it begins. I’m already starting to get my days mixed up. Whatever day this was, we were checking out the Hilton before they officially checked-in Fetcon people while starting our shooting schedule way ahead of the game.



fetcon2013_22 fetcon2013_23

It’s check-in Wednesday! Do you think we brought enough lube?

Also, is this not the best T-shirt you’ve ever seen in your life?






fetcon2013_31 fetcon2013_32

It was certainly an honor to be invited to a Clips4Sale dinner, but unfortunately I had to duck out early because I had a shoot, and the Hilton hasn’t quite gotten it together yet (but they tried!), what with the changeover from the Hyatt and the fact that FetishCon doubles in size each year. The poor staff were working in brand new facilities, exactly when FetCon started. I’m surprised none of them had a nervous breakdown trying to serve SO many people with SUCH little preparation in the new space. I give them credit for that. I had already been there for 2 hours when the entree arrived. People have things to do at FetCon! There were many fabulous people there, from the land of kink and representing the biggest fetish site in the world.





Oh, this poor guy. One night I thought the hot tub smelled VERY strongly of chemicals, which made me think that it was particularly gross that night. You know how hot tubs get. Usually there are gaggles of footboys worshiping feet all night and into the morning, but that night I wouldn’t let him worship any feet, nor would I let anyone worship MY feet. I love foot worship, and I love to watch him worship feet, but it wasn’t the feet that bothered me – it was the hot tub! Poor baby, he got ribbed by his fellow foot boys, but at least he doesn’t have any sort of Con sickness. Listerine was always on hand, and our health was rewarded for it.

Here are some random behind-the-scenes photos. Each one has its own description and tag, so browse away. Pool parties, drunken lobby wanderers, drinks, foot shots, and a battle wound:

Queen and Muff

Queen Kitty and her sweet little sissy slut, Muffy, smiling away in the hot tub every night with all the rest of the perverts.


My sweet pedicure, which received mega compliments and was destroyed little-by-little by the vicious hot tub water.

white latex

After the Castle party, still in my medical-ish outfit (latex by Vengeance Designs) and ready to go to the pool. I switched outfits in favor of a bikini. It’s fucking hot in latex.

bar face

The bar’s lighting provided some beautiful selfie opportunities. I’m actually pretty fucked the fuck up in this shot. I think I hid it fairly well.

sarah lilith jason

The Cool Crew. We were the best roommates ever. That latex jumper I’m wearing POOLED the sweat in my ass, I’ll have you sick sweat fetishists know. Lilith Astaroth looking stunning, and Jason Ninja having a bite of awesome.

sarah meggerz gary

Goofy drunken faces by three goofy drunken doofs. The incomparable Meggerz and the supremely talented Giantess Zone creator, Gary the tiny man. The lobbies were crawling with sick, silly people.

sarah lela

Lela Beryl! She’s awesome, and worked harder than anyone I saw at FetCon. We enjoyed a little wasted fun together, but not before we threw you the ole salute.

kitty alexa

There are my bitches! I’d never met these two, but we got along like we had already been buddies. They cracked me up, looked stunning in their outfits, and showed me some sweet ass n titties, as you can see.

lela poca sarah

Lela Beryl on the left, Pocahontas in the middle. Pocahontas worshiped my feet at the hot tub for like half an hour, while everyone watched and said, “that’s so fucking hot.” Too bad no one got a picture. Ha ha!

muffy meggerz

This is Muffy worshiping Meggerz’ feet, with Queen Kitty’s permission.

whitney jason

Whitney showing off her super scissor skills on her victim, Jason Ninja. Damn, that girl is hotness.


Meggerz enjoying a small little sip of alcohol. Big glasses for big shots. Lookit that sly face.

ron sarah

This is Ron! He is a transfemoral amputee who LOVES to be trampled by all the ladies – in heels. He is a staple of FetishCon and a dearly loved one at that. He can often be found in high-traffic areas, wearing a shirt that says “Ladies stand here” or “Welcome,” inviting any sexy ladies to step aboard. I absolutely adore stomping his balls with my high heels, and we HAD to get a picture together.


This is Tramplefan Mike! He and his fiancee Berry Shortcake are the CUTEST couple, tied with me and Jason of course. They were filming content with other models for the first time this year, and I think they did an outstanding job. Watch out for this trample duo, because they’re going to take over your spank bank. Oh, that on Mike’s chin? That’s my work. I’m not sure if it was from my feet, shoes, or ass, but I definitely am the cause of that vicious rug burn.

dirty girl

I wanted to keep my white latex clean, so I made a bib. That is a paper surgical mask on my head, because I figured I needed a hat to compliment my outfit for the medical-themed Castle party. I look like a freaky naughty clown in this shot. What if I am? And I mixed Aranciata soda with vodka – what are you going to do about it?

carey sarah

Oh my word, I LOVE this woman. I want to make perverted videos with her at every chance I get. We made some very taboo videos together, as always. She just oozes sex appeal and a free spirit, and I’d love to stay at her house and have slumber parties sometime soon.

jungle bettie

This is me, in front of our week-end trashed baggage pile, deciding that this ribbon does a good job of keeping my knockers in line. I forewent the sky-high platform stilettos I’d been wearing all week for some comfy, cute espadrilles.

lela latex

The Lovely Lela Beryl in her sexy-pants latex! She was so excited to build her collection, and she looks damned fine in it.


This is a post from Instagram that illustrates exactly how we felt about the quality and availability of wi-fi at the Hilton.

drag hostess


fetish ball

Sexy girls climbing into balloons and then popping back out. During this performance, they spread sharp glass and metal shards onto the floor and walked all over them, never dropping their drop-dead gorgeous poise.


I found Tierra’s postcards!

sarah kitty

You know, just resting my heavy left boob on Queen Kitty’s right bosom. We support each other.














…And here we have some blurry shots from the parties at Factoria Nightclub and The Castle:


For the first time this year, Bratty Foot Girls hosted an official, FetCon-sanctioned trample party. Some of the finest women in fetish, foot fetish, and trampling attended, and they all said that, hands-down, this was the most fun they had during the entire Convention. The femme fatales included: Myself, Berry Shortcake, Orias Bastet, Kelli Lynn Sage, Roxie Rae, Alexis Grace, Ashley Graham, Amanda Foxx, Casahari, Amadahy, Lilith Astaroth, plus Queen Kitty and Snobby Alexa made a brief appearance.

It was relaxed but exciting, low-key but high-impact. There was basically a carpet of men, and we tried to figure out the best way to get as many women on one rug as humanly possible. I think we did a great job of putting hundreds of pounds on these boy-carpets. I thought it was the perfect brew of perversion. Here are some shots from that party:


Finally, we get to relax (well, as much as one can relax while hosting a party and making a spread of delicious food… of which I didn’t snap a photo, shame on me!) at our pool party! The exhausted, the worn-down, the unshowered, the sleepy-drunk all came together to float around in the pool, eat, and recap their experiences. Here are some adorable photos:

Be sure to check my Instagram and Twitter for more exclusive photos from the week, from Nicole Fox snuggling me on the bean bag chair in her teeny bikini to a shot of Carey Riley’s lipstick print on the crotch of my itty bitty spandex booty shorts.




OK, here is what I wrote at first, before I figured out that I should just post photos with descriptions. It’s just a wordy diary entry, but my words are golden, so it’s necessary reading material, RIGHT??


First, on Tuesday, we picked up our awesome friend Lilith Astaroth so she could stay at our house for the week. She is a total pleasure to be around, because she’s reality-based while simultaneously embracing the wonderful weirdness. She entertained us with velociraptor screeches, which are actually really fun to do and hear. Then we entertained the sweet and sexy Queen Kitty, along with the adoooooooorable Muffy and brat-tastic Goddess Tiara. We got drunk, swam in the pool, I prepped food for our post-Fetcon party, and we ordered from a terrible pizza place.

Wednesday was check-in. We crammed my car FULL of equipment, clothes, shoes, groceries, and everything else and took the short drive to Tampa. Fuck, it feels like forever ago that we checked in, so I need to remember what the hell happened. Ok, the Hilton was JUST finishing up their renovations, which I’m sure really pissed off the wait and bar staff. We had a quick drink with Kenny from Tickle Cuties and went to film the ridiculously sexy Jasmine Mendez. No, wait, Jasmine was Tuesday. Aaargh. Wednesday we shot with the freaking adorable Kylie Deville. I don’t even remember what we did after that, but it involved eating and drinking.

Thursday I oh-so-briefly shot with Maxxyne Payne, who is HILARIOUS, which means it felt awesome when I, true to form, made her laugh her ass off during a POV public masturbation clip. Then I got to shoot with the legendary Jean Bardot, the brutal Lydia Supremacy, and the sultry Queen Kitty. Theeeeeeeen I went to the invite-only Clips4Sale dinner… which lasted 2 1/2 fucking hours, by the way. I don’t think the Hilton realizes that we have jobs to do that need to be squished into small time frames (actually, as mentioned above, the poor and patient staff had FetCon thrown at them the same day they finished the changeover and reconstruction of the hotel, so I’m sure next year service will run much more smoothly). I had to run out in the middle of the entree, because 1) I’d waited 2 hours for it 2) it was overcooked and 3) I was already late to a shoot with my personal friends Berry Shortcake and Trample Mike. That shoot was so great that I left a HUGE brushburn on Mike’s chin from hard trampling on him. I ruined him for all the rest of his shoots – oops! He sported the mark of the beast for the rest of the week.

Then the meet-and-greet, which I love. I was FUCKING GORGEOUS in my latex from Vengeance Designs and Salient Seven, and I NEED to find a photo of it. Mistress T definitely has two photos of her snuggling my ass and boobs in it. I regret that I didn’t get to spend more time with her, Ceara, Alexandra Snow, and Meggerz this year. Next year I won’t schedule so much shit to do.

Oh my, do I really want to go through each day? There’s too much!

Friday I shot with Snobby Alexa, and we wiped our asses with $100 bills. Next was Lance Licatta & Kid Dynamite, which was a fun and sexy shoot for sure. Next I held the cam for Bratty Foot Girls while Kandii Kiss and a hot russian Girl shoved their feet in his face.

NEXT was one of my personal favorites, Carey Riley. She is just unbelievable. So fucking sexy. I sat on her face and made her worship my ass. Nice.

Then I went home to check on my fucking cat. Spoiled bitch.

Factoria nightclub was next, was kind of lame, but I broke a paddle over a sissy’s iron ass, did a pole dance, and got drunk. Looked amazing.

Saturday I was EXHAUSTED, hungry, cranky, bitchy, and needed to regroup mentally after a very scary incident. Let’s just say I’m currently composing a blog on how to properly practice throat-standing and how to be a more responsible/aware fetish model if you’re going to try dangerous shit. The key would be to ask permission before deliberately choking someone out.

Then I finally met up with the very classy Evelyn Milano, and we banged out a few very hot clips together. We definitely want to meet up again.

The Castle is usually my favorite party, but this year it was so horrible that I almost cried from disappointment. The place was packed at least 3x legal capacity. It was scary, the bartenders were understaffed and underqualified, there were tourists taking pictures of me without permission, they let any old dipshit in there (they usually forbid vanillas from entering the dungeon area), and we had to leave angry and quickly. The only good part was that Queen Kitty, Haughty Femdom, Toxic Goddess, and Snobby Alexa got a private cage to play in. That was sweet.

The pool party afterward was better, because I was surrounded by friends that I never get to see (Sydney Screams, Meggerz, Whitney Morgan, Lauren Kiley). They knew I was agitated and just their pretty faces and sweet presence made me feel so much better. The chlorine smell in the hot tub was suffocating, but they still made sure I had fun.

How many hours of sleep am I running on by now? I don’t know, 4?

Sunday was ridiculously busy and I started to show my exhaustion. I cancelled shoots with Tigger and Jasmine Mendez because I was too tired. I did get to make hot clips with Astro Kittie, though! I mainly did paid shoots that day, from trampling to POV beatdowns. I did finally get to see Hannah Perez while we were both sober and not fawning over each other’s hair in the elevator, as I filmed some clips she did with Bratty Foot Girls.

Sunday was also the Fetish Ball, which is basically a wrap-up party for the fetfam. There were so many shows this year that I’m really upset that I didn’t see them all – because I thought there was only 3. I missed Jean Bardot because the staff gave me bad info, I missed the Reverend B Dangerous because I stepped away, and I missed a lot in between, BUT I did not miss the DRAG SHOW!!!!!!! I turned into a total fucking fan girl. I was smiling ear to ear, throwing dollars, lip synching, and being a little girl at a concert. I love drag queens! I heard someone has lots of pictures of me going wild for the ladies, so I will track those down asap.

Sunday’s pool party was much more relaxed, and I was able to spend time with people I hadn’t gotten a chance to see much: Lustee Basil, Brenin Hurley, Sleeper Kid, Jacquelyn Velvets, Lauren Kiley, and Glen.

Monday, we had a pool party at our new house. Let’s see, who showed up… Candle Boxx, Lance Hart, Queen Kitty, Temptress Tiara, Muffy Diver, Catherine Foxx, Dr. E Images, Nicole Foxx, Kyle Chaos, Pocahontas Jones, Psymon Jerusalem, Rachel DD, The Three Tramplee Aussie Crew (there were 4 Aussies at FetCon, all of whom are intense trample enthusiasts), Jasmine Mendez, of course our houseguest Lilith Astaroth, and probably someone I’m forgetting. I think I was sleepwalking through the entire affair.

I tried to squeeze out every second of fun and pleasure I could out of Fetishcon, but every year I feel like I missed out on something or didn’t get enough fun in. I for-sure did not get enough pictures. Next year, my priorities will just be looking like the hottest bitch in town and taking gratuitous pictures. Paid shoots only, because I’ll book trades while I’m there. I won’t be pre-booking those next year. Notes to self.


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A photo to worship

THIS is what you strive to serve. I’m sure you’re failing, right this moment. No Photoshop or retouching, as this is a screen shot from a future video you’ll be buying:



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New Clip: Unworthy Foot Slave



Unworthy Foot Slave


Size 6, times 2. That’s all I need to own you. I control your cock, your mind, and your decisions with My perfect feet, and you are lucky to have the privilege of jerking off to them… What have you done for them lately? They deserve all of the pampering you can possibly give, and more. You owe My feet. They own you. I guide you through seductive masturbation sessions, tease you deliciously, and demonstrate why I am superior and unique.But why should I reward you with an orgasm? I’m going to show you that without Me, your jerk off sessions are meaningless. And without Me, your orgasm is pointless. And without My permission, without earning the privilege, you can’t even blow your own load.


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Footjob. That’s all you need.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.49.14 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.50.04 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.22.22 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.51.32 PM

You like that, foot boy? Go get the entire glorious video here: www.SarahDiavola.com

After a long day of sessions in Her thigh-high black platform stiletto boots, the Brat Domme demands a soft sole massage on Her personal stress relieving toy. Why settle for a hard foot rub when She can enjoy milking you at the same time? First, these tight and sweaty boots must come off. She knows how badly you anticipate the royal unzipping. She does it slowly, letting Her foot aroma leak into the air. Free at last, She can stretch Her perfect, highly-arched, tiny little Goddess feet! She wants you to take in every last molecule of the smell, so your world goes black as She covers your face with the inside of the boot.
Now, you will smell the delicate skin on each foot: between every beautiful toe, along the heavenly-soft arches, around Her strong heels. Inhale it all.

She stretches those soles and toes, slathering each wrinkle with lubricant before rubbing Her soft soles together. The anklet sparkles around Her pristine ankles. Her toe rings cling to Her exquisite spread toes.

Now for Her sensually torturous erotic foot exercises. She blesses your enslaved cock with the touch of Her wrinkly soles, rubbing your shaft from hilt to tip, which sends the bl0od flowing into your penis. She then proceeds to take you through an expert foot job, the type that only a Foot Goddess with powerful knowledge of the male body can accomplish. She seduces your cock with ease. She coaxes your erection with impossible grace while verbally strutting like the bratty peacock She is. How can She be so sexy, so cruel, so erotically wise, and so bratty, all at once? Does She know what those perfect soles, that glowing ass, and that powerful face does to you deep inside?

She soon finds out, as you tribute Her feet with a hearty and full orgasm, coating Her delicate wrinkles and strong toes with your offering of cum. Good boy. Now clean the dungeon…and yourself.

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Bacon & Allah

This is a religious humiliation experience. Plus, it’s a great excuse to eat a bunch of bacon on camera.






Buy Now

Isn’t it a shame, that you have to do whatever Allah says? If you don’t, you’ll go to hell, right? Well, I’m white, I’m American, and Jesus loves Me, so I can do whatever I want! For instance, you’re not allowed to drink alcohol or eat pork. But I can! I will eat it right in front of you and moan over how delicious and wonderful it is, and how your towel head religion won’t let you have any fun! Ha haaaa! Even though I’m blaspheming your god right in front of you, you can’t help but get an erection looking at Me insult your religion! I look so sexy eating this pig flesh, and I look so alluring sipping this alcoholic beverage. It makes the evil so much easier, watching Me perform it. Not only will you sulk and cry as I wave My freedom in your face, you’ll pay to watch Me do it! Since you can’t have any fun, drink any alcohol, eat rich food, or even get a girlfriend, the money you earn is perfectly placed in My hands. I’ll spend it on drinks, birth control, and bacon!

That’s because Jesus loves Me and you’re nothing but a sand n1gger camel humper, and I’m a beautiful, freedom-loving, white-skinned Christian WOMAN. No wonder you make your women wear burkas – you’re afraid of what they can do to you!

The blasphemy tastes better when you’re jerking off to My white, soft, pedicured feet, doesn’t it? Well, I want you to wallow in your humility and pious chastity while I flaunt My indulgences in your face – and I want you to cum all over yourself so that you feel deliciously appalled at your slavery to a White Woman who spits on your god.

Buy Now

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Sexy New Clips

Financial Boob Tease
Buy Now
Price: $10.99
Size: 68 MB
Length: 10 minutes
This is financial domination at its most deconstructed. It’s down to the basics, the raw essence, and it’s the power of boobs. I demand payments, and the boy gets nervous. So I shove his face into my ample cleavage. He then gives me what I want. It’s as easy as that. I use very simple, basic sexual manipulation to drain this boy of every single credit card, debit card, and bank card he owns. His only hope is to get to work on time, so he can earn more for me to take.These breasts are bank-drainers and wallet-molesters. No man, no matter how responsible, is able to resist them. Spread that wallet wide and bend over, pay pig. 1280×720 WMV
Foot Therapy 1: It’s Natural
Buy Now
Price: $10.99
Size: 28 MB
Length: 10 minutes
This is Part 1 of a special series: Foot Therapy. In this series, I will guide you through the psychology of your foot fetish. I want you to, at the end of this series, be able to enjoy your fetish to the fullest. If you follow My lead, you will overcome your fear of your fetish, gain confidence with women regarding your fetish, and learn to embrace your love for feet.My main target for this therapy series is a foot fetishist who is not necessarily submissive. You just love feet, are preoccupied with sexual thoughts of feet and shoes/boots, and you are having trouble sharing your feelings with partners and thus not experiencing the fullest sexual pleasure you can.In this introductory session, I will reassure you that your fetish is a good thing. I lull you into a comfortable, safe space with my melodic and hypn0tic voice and begin to seduce you with My feet. You will soon discover that I am inside your head and understand your kinky brain like no other Woman. I caress and encourage your inner foot freak and entice it to come out of hiding. I reassure you that it’s only natural to have a preoccupation with feet, especially perfect and soft feet like Mine. Then, I guide you through a satisfying masturbation session, ending in a spiritually-progressive orgasm.This is just the beginning of your new life as a proud foot fetishist. Come join Me. 352×288 MP4
Bully Feet
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Price: $16.99
Size: 255 MB
Length: 19 minutes
I’m such a bully at my school. Everyone worships me and kisses my ass… but not everyone appreciates my perfection. This nerdy little smart girl is always making rude remarks and trying to get me in trouble. Yeah, I set her up to fuck with her, but she went and tattled on me and now we’ve both got detention in this crappy teacher’s lounge room.Well, since we’re in this mess, I might as well have fun. I can tell she’s got a lesbo thing for me. Why else would she refuse to do whatever I say? I think this freak likes feet, too, so I’m just going to shove my feet in her dorky face. She doesn’t pull away too hard, so maybe she does have a freaky foot fetish! After smothering her face, I force her to the floor with just my feet. I make her lick, sniff, and suck on my perfect little feet, and you can just see in her eyes that she’s getting turned on. What a lesbo!I make her kneel on the floor and be my human foot stool, because that’s all she is to me. She keeps making these snide little remarks, and of course it’s just because she’s jealous. I throw my homework on the floor and demand that she finish it for me. I want good grades without having to try or do anything, and she’s going to make that happen! If she doesn’t, maybe I’ll just tell the whole school that she’s a lesbian foot freak who gets wet when my soles are shoved in her face!I humiliate her as she kneels beneath my feet, with her head in the books and her thong-covered ass in the air. Then, I have a wicked idea. I know the teachers do freaky stuff in this cluttered room, and I’m positive that they’ve left some sick and perverted toys around. I drag her by her school uniform onto the teacher’s couch and, before she can resist, I shove my soles back into her face. I spread her legs and sit between them, so it’s just her mouth on my feet and her pussy at my mercy. I turn on a giant electric vibrator that sends out pulses that could power a whole house! Bzzzzzzzzzzzz, right on her pussy, making her panties wetter and wetter as she licks every inch of my toes and feet.I’m going to prove that she has a girl boner for my feet, and that she secretly gets horny for me every day at school. Why wouldn’t she? I’m the most popular girl in school, and she’s the biggest loser. Now, she’s going to cum all over herself while she’s sucking my feet, whether she wants to or not! Featuring Miss Quin 640×360 WMV FEATURES: lesbian domination, foot worship/smother/domination/fetish/licking/smelling, wrinkled soles, bl@ckmail, brat girls, school girls, forced orgasmSPECIAL PRICE
Strapon Seduction
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Price: $7.99
Size: 21 MB
Length: 7 minutes
Worship My cock. It won’t make you gay; it will make you obedient. We both know that you’ve fantasized about it, how you want to be dominated by dick but are too afraid to call yourself “gay.” Now I’m going to force you into your fantasy. Suck My dick. Lick the tip, tongue the shaft, and don’t forget the balls. Kiss it, suck it, gag on it, and know that My cock owns your face. It’s a hot concept, to worship a beautiful Woman’s throbbing cock, as She looks down on you with a seductive disdain…to have your mouth wrapped around Her dick, looking up at Her with pleading eyes and a boner between your legs. Let Me fuck your mouth. I’ll seduce you so swiftly, you won’t know what happened until your mouth is engulfing My thick shaft and your dick is throbbing at the penetration of your fuckable face hole. Trust Me. I know you’ll like it. 352×288 MP4

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Valentine’s Day Cuckold Forced-Bi CLIP! (NSFW)


Description: “I’m getting all cozy with my sexy boyfriend, getting ready to get down and dirty for Valentine’s Day… when my stupid HUSBAND shows up with chocolate after his hard day at work! How inconvenient. Wait… let’s have some fun and show him his place here. You know, hubby, I appreciate all the hours you work just to pay my bills and keep me happy, and this sure is yummy chocolate (you want some, boyfriend?), but I want you to know that I’ve been spending your money on sexy boyfriends. We have such a sexy time on your dime, honey. We were just about to celebrate!
I want you to suck my boyfriend’s cock, dear husband. I married you for your money and your submissive bitch nature, but I have boys on the side for cock and fucks! You’ll do anything for your dear wife, so get to work and suck that big fat cock until it busts in your subby hubby mouth. Take it deep, do it good, and prove how much you love me. After he cums in your mouth, gargle it for us! Show us that you’ll keep paying for our dates and keep pleasing BOTH of us – you’ll never divorce me, because you love me too much, and I’ll take everything from you. Get on your knees, dear.
Featuring Lance Hart and Jessie Colter



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