Kinkbomb vs. Clips4Sale

I’ve received several Twitter direct messages asking the question, “What do you like better? Kinkbomb or Clips4Sale?” I sit at the blank reply box and think, wait, I can’t really answer that. I certainly could never answer it in 140 characters or less. There are benefits and detriments to each, and you have to weigh them against your own particular needs.

If you ask Me which site makes Me the most money at the moment, the answer is, without question, Clips4Sale. I’m in the top 5 lists in several categories, and even if I never update once, I still make enough in sales to cover My basic bills. I’ve hit the Top 50 a few times, and My goal is to be on it long enough for Me to take a screenshot. On Kinkbomb, however, I’ve made less than $100 each month, since October of 2010. Let me be clear in saying that I’m not worried about that discrepancy. I do not believe that, at this point in the maturity of, that we are comparing apples to apples here. At the very closest, it’s a race between Granny Smiths and Honeycrisps. Each is perfect for different purposes, and you really can’t take one and leave the other. Both of them are worth your investment of time, money, and energy, if you want to succeed in clip sales and get your talents out into that open market.

Clips4Sale already has a regular, expansive following across the globe. It invests in promotion, expansion, and traffic generation, effectively doing the promo work for you on an established flow of traffic. Most of the work, therefore, is done for you. All you need to do is produce content.

Kinkbomb is a new website, and promotion is in its beginning stages. They are growing quickly, and appear to rely heavily on current Clips4Sale producers sending traffic to their newly-established Kinkbomb stores.

Kinkbomb does have the advantage of being a smaller pond: A producer does not have to sell as many clips to be in the top list as he or she would on Clips4Sale. Therefore, it is a great way for an ambitious upstart to boost initial exposure and gain a following. It’s also a way for studios with quality content that do not quite make it to the Clips4Sale Top 50 to be recognized on the front page of another rising clips store.

The main key for boosting sales on Clips4Sale is clip quality and frequent updating. When a producer updates a store, the store’s name is listed somewhere on the front page, exposing it to thousands of consumers. There are thousands of stores on Clips4Sale, however, and someone must be searching for your name, your category, or just carefully browsing in order to see your store’s name in a sea of look-alikes.

On Kinkbomb, each new clip released as a product is almost immediately featured on the front page. This allows you full, extended front-page exposure on a small but very public stage. The result is increased hits to your store, which is the number one predictor of sales. It also allows you, the producer, to see what your fellow producers are creating, so in theory it creates an environment of both creative derivation and positive inspiration. That is, those who blindly copy other clips have easier access to their sources, but at the same time, those who feed on collaborative ideas to strengthen their individual and unique style will thrive in such close quarters with like-minded artists. When creative people get together for the purpose of their craft, their craft, theoretically, grows stronger and the overall result is better content for everyone. The consumer knows what he or she wants, and blatant, low-quality ripoffs can be easily detected when they are let out into the light on the front page. Don’t sweat the sloppy swipers, and instead focus on creating interesting, potent content.

For the consumer, Kinkbomb is practically a wet dream come true. First, all of the aforementioned features work to make fetish porn more accessible and the time between surfing and jerking shorter. Once the happy horndog clicks into a store or to a video, the product page is set up very similarly to’s. The preview is on the left, with description and price information to the right. There is an option for buyers to leave star feedback and a link for browsers to ask questions about the item. At the bottom, there is a row of about 5 clips that have been suggested by the site based on the current page’s product’s tags. Therefore, if you like the product you’re browsing, you are likely to enjoy those featured beneath the product. It’s a shopper’s highway meets a kink whore’s candy store.

Many Kinkbomb producers are offering their content for a lower price on Kinkbomb than they do on Clips4Sale, because they believe that the payout percentage is higher on Kinkbomb.

Here is the payout information for Clips4Sale:

Percentage payouts are as followed:
Clip Store is a 60/40 split in the store owner’s favor.
Video Store is a 75/25 split in the store owner’s favor.
Image Store is a 60/40 split in the store owner’s favor.
Members Area is a 50/50 split.

When you earn $50 in commission, you can be mailed a check. Checks will arrive around the 15th of the month, sometimes not until the 18th. For a $20.00 fee, you can have the payout wired to your bank account, and it will reach you by the 7th.

Here is the payout information for Kinkbomb:

Discreet billing, secure credit card processing, and 60% share on all sales.  Payouts occur on a monthly basis. “Request a Payment” feature allows for immediate payout anytime. (I’m not sure about the stipulations for “immediate payout anytime,” since deposits and checks are made after you reach $50 in commission. I don’t know if you can request payment before then, or if you can request more than one payment per month.)

For U.S based studios, you can choose ACH direct deposits (via or be paid by a check (which costs $2) that is sent to you via mail.

For non-U.S based studios, you can choose from a wire transfer (which costs $45) or paid by check (which costs $4) that is sent to you via mail. There is a latency period of 12-15 days for international checks.

(Note the comment by GCupBitch below about Kinkbomb’s StellarStudio program.)

As far as consumer privacy goes, please don’t be so naïve to think that any business that makes a financial transaction with you online does not have access to your IP address. The consumer group is filled with just as many thieves as any other commercial group, and we need to protect ourselves from you. Deal with it. We’re not coming over for dinner. In the past few weeks, Clips4Sale consumers have been almost consistently replacing their first and last names with initials, whereas before then, only a few had the sense to know that they could put in whatever names they wanted. I wonder if they believe I don’t recognize their initials now, especially when they match the first and last names I with which I had already become familiar. Directly under these initials is their IP address and city, state, or international territory. I would only be concerned by this, if I were a consumer, if I purchased clips from any well-known psycho Dommes. I mean the ones who don’t respect the fetish community or professional standards and become delusional and dangerous. I mean the ones who would actually use this personal, private information illegally, against someone’s will. In that case, at least you’d be victimized in the presence of a large corporation that knows much more personal information about the clip producer.

So, you can choose what names to enter into your Clips4Sale checkout page, and you can also use a Clips Cash Card, which isn’t your credit card, for an added sense of privacy. The producer does not ever see your entire email address. When you get an email from a producer, it is from a blast email service that automatically sends the same message to a list comprised of the email addresses of any customer that provided it.

The Kinkbomb producer does not see your entire email address either. A different part of it is starred-out, but it is still censored. The difference between Clips4Sale and Kinkbomb in name privacy is that Kinkbomb automatically censors part of your name, regardless of what you enter. This is different from Clips4Sale, where you have to be a savvy enough porn-popper to know to cleverly disguise your name and temporarily sign a legal document with your very own superhero moniker…which is also a subversive way to make your beloved clips producer laugh out loud while She’s plodding through email after email.

Sales tools are extremely helpful for a producer, who literally spends hours on end doing the most tedious tasks just to wade through the oceans of information on the Internet and get inside your head. If this process can be streamlined in any way, shape, or form, we are eternally grateful.

Kinkbomb will auto-Tweet your new product updates for you, using pre-written phrases and with the ability to post-date the Tweets along with post-dated product updates. Clips4Sale does not offer such a feature.

Kinkbomb includes a studio search widget, which allows browsers to scan each store for specific words or phrases. Clips4Sale has a similar function, but it is notoriously unreliable. For instance, I’ll type in the exact title of a clip I’m certain is in My store, and the search will return every clip with those words contained in the descriptions, but not the clip with those words contained in the title. Go figure. You can search the store by drop-down category menu, which I believe just reads the categories that were selected by the producer when they posted the clip, rather than every word in the store. You used to be able to search a drop-down menu of clip titles, which served many helpful purposes until it was removed due to coding glitches a few months ago. They have not gotten around to re-installing it, much to the dismay of many clip producers and consumers.

Kinkbomb offers a live feed widget, which is a cute little box you can stick into most web pages to display your recent clip updates along with the fully-animated .gif preview image. It’s like sneaking a preview for your Kinkbomb store while your customers are drooling over your other web projects. It’s double-penetration, video mindfuck style. Clips4Sale does not offer such a feature.

Kinkbomb offers generic pre-fab banners for your store, in a variety of sizes. Some are animated, and all of them simply direct you to “my store” at Kinkbomb with their text. I’m not sure if hotlinking is allowed, but I’m sure it’s not encouraged.

Both Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale allow producers to submit their store banners to be randomly shuffled throughout the site for no charge. Clips4Sale offers a banner wizard, to assist beginners and give them the opportunity to enjoy the same exposure as those with snazzy advertising.

Each website offers assistance in setting up stores, and Clips4Sale will even produce your videos from DV tape. I mean, you literally pack up your tape, send it to them, and they will edit and upload to your store before sending the tape back to you.

Clips4Sale can offer your content in several venues: Clips4Sale, which sells digitally-downloadable video files; Images4Sale, which sells digitally-downloadable image files; Videos4Sale, which sells hardcopy DVDs; and a template members area, which sells monthly memberships. I’m not sure how easy it is relative to independent members sites, but I’ve had My entire members site stolen and uploaded to torrent sites 2 or 3 times…and I’ve never sold many memberships, in My opinion.

Kinkbomb gives you the opportunity to list tribute buttons, wish lists, and discount codes, whereas Clips4Sale is pretty straightforward in that it provides image or video content.

If you’re new to clips and really want to jump in hard and fast – but you need to be producing high-quality, unique content – I highly suggest you clip-bomb Kinkbomb. Make sure you put yourself front and center. Focus on Kinkbomb alone, because there are so many spider legs you can put out on Kinkbomb alone, and fragmented attention is inefficient attention. Then, open up several niche stores on Clips4Sale, where the winner is a numbers game. The more links you have on the front page, the more money you make. Update frequency is a direct predictor of sales, hands-down, no argument. In My opinion, two things are absolutely essential for success in clips sales on Clips4Sale: Good lighting, and frequent updates. Good lighting, and frequent updates will double, triple, or quadruple your sales from where they are now, if you do not currently participate in one or both of those activities. Offering content in a variety of formats is a good idea, because it plays into frequent updating and raw accessibility. You have to manage that wisely, however, because when a visitor scrolls through your clips store and sees 4 versions of the same clip in a row, it takes something away from the impression left by your store. It looks cluttered and empty at the same time, somehow. Going from offering solely .MOV files (I work on a mac, and these have a better quality to them) to both .MOV and .WMV files doubled My sales when I first did it. I went on to offer lower-resolution files in both of these formats, but due to the empty clutter effect I just described, I decided to open a separate “MINI” store to sell the lower-resolution files.

The main differences between Clips4Sale and Kinkbomb are traffic, tools, and service. Clips4Sale has a massive highway of traffic pouring in, and they invest millions in traffic generation, whereas Kinkbomb is a new site and is in its beginning stages, which means there are fewer eyes browsing the site in general. Each is a double-edged sword, in that you can get great exposure and get completely drowned out in Clips4Sale, while getting less exposure and center stage attention on Kinkbomb. Furthermore, Kinkbomb is currently offering more producer toys, in the form of widgets, auto-Tweets, and preferred studio rewards, and their service and attentiveness to producers is unmatched. They are proactive in their support, in that they will approach you to offer help before you request it. One time, I tweeted that I was having difficulty, and @kinkbomb tweeted back. Neat-o. Then again, @clips4sale is so helpful via Twitter, that the individual behind the keyboard is the single most helpful, efficient employee of Clips4Sale, including (especially) Neil himself. Clips4Sale is notorious for its lack of decorum when dealing with producers. From refusing to re-send tax documents after a Clips4Sale-related glitch jumbled My profile information (I was blamed, which is usually Clips4Sale’s protocol for mistakes.) and then becoming hostile upon email requests for these legal documents, to flat-out ignoring repeated support inquiries, Clips4Sale has the market cornered on apathetic administration. Even when a representative attempts to resolve your issue, they end up in a tug-of-war with or ignored by fellow Clips4Sale representatives whose involvement is necessary to solve the problem. This is Clips4Sale’s Achilles’ heel, although it appears that this will never be something Clips4Sale would admit. It is not a priority for them, and they have never, in years, through many changes, in any sort of way, been able to acknowledge their…opportunities for improvement.

Both of these websites are invaluable outlets for fetish content. You will be on both, and there is no question about that. It’s how you manage your distribution that you need to strategize and invest in.

Producers, please note if anything I’ve written is incorrect or needs further explanation. Add anything you believe needs to be added. Consumers, you are welcome to comment, but do keep in mind that you need to be adding something to the conversation and not just venting a random thought that floated its way between your ears. Stay on topic.


  1. GcupBitch says:

    Very good points, but on the topic of payouts, kinkbomb does offer better payouts than c4s with their StellarStudio program. It’s based on sales, so the more you sell on KB the better cut you’ll get. Their 60% payout is only the starter level – they offer payouts of 65, 70 and 75% based on sales levels. And that is an overall cut for everything. This is why I’ve switched all My links to KB and don’t promote My c4s store at all anymore. Not only that, I have raised prices on all My c4s clips and will continue charging more on c4s than on KB because I get a much better cut on KB.

    Add to this the astonishingly better customer service, better back-end and better overall website setup, and I have to say that KB is far and away better for Me.

    I do consistently make significantly more on KB than on c4s, and I probably don’t update enough to really maximize on c4s, but frankly I’m more inclined to put that energy into building My KB store and other ventures simply because I will never get as good a cut on c4s as I do on KB.

  2. LoreleiMission says:

    What are your opinions about other clip sites such as and ? And are there other ones besides these? Thank you.

  3. Selena says:

    as of Feb 2016 all the sites are totally dead. up until recently on c4s I could at least pull a couple hundred a month (yes, that’s a month updating twice a day). But now – nothing. People stopped buying clips it looks like.

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