New update!

After a too-long hiatus from posting clips, I’m back at it and climbing to my rightful place. I found a new sexy brat, and she thinks you’re an idiot too. I mean, your little dick could never handle all this wonderful woman goodness in front of you. Keep fucking your hand.


We like big cocks, and we cannot lie. We have zero desire for your little dick, and you know it. Yet here you are, showing it to us so we can laugh and point at it. Maybe you realize that, since you will never please a woman sexually, your only redeeming factor is your wallet. It’s such a deep reality that you’ve come to be aroused by it – turned on by being told off. That’s your job: to serve financially and to be the target of bratty bullying! Who wants to fuck that little button of yours? Not us, and not anyone else. So, you’d better stuff your pants with something bigger and of value: your fat, thick, throbbing wallet.

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New Ass Worship…






Butthole Blackmail 
Click the image to get the clip!
Now that I know about your kinky ways, I’m going to make you my personal slave. I’ll make you do whatever I want, whenever I want – you’re going to be kissing my ass for a long time. As a matter of fact, I love having my ass kissed so much, I want you to pucker up and kiss the fuck out of it right now. Get your face right up in there and lick it until it’s sparkling! Get your tongue deep inside my asshole, and worship at the shrine of The Brat. Maybe you’ll get lucky and taste what I’ve eaten and experience whatever I missed the last time I visited the bathroom! Who cares what you’re going through? All that matters is that you’re humiliating yourself for MY pleasure. Service to ME. I’m just proving how very fucked you are and where your face is going to be for as long as I want it. You’re so close to my Holy of Holies, my delicious pussy, but you’re on ass duty instead. Lick my ass and know your place, as my brand new slave.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.54.43 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.55.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.55.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.57.54 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.58.14 PM




Bait & Switch 3

Bait & Switch 3


My 3rd “Bait & Switch” feature, and they just keep getting hotter. My boyfriend is looking forward to a night of excitement and sex, so I go into the bedroom to put on something tiny and seductive. When I emerge, I surprise him with a gift: I’ve got a big, fat, hard cock strapped to my beautiful body. He is taken aback, nervous about what the hell I’m planning to do. I coo and purr to him, using my feminine charms and bratty manipulation to convince him that he’ll learn to like it. Just this once… right? I let him lick it, kiss it, and he does what I say, because he’s mesmerized and in love. Boys will do anything for love, and I take full advantage of it. I start to get harder and more rough, fucking his mouth over and over – I shove my cock deep inside his face-hole, until I’m balls-deep and the tip of my shaft touches the back of his soft throat. I hold it until he gags. I switch positions a few times, to get the full power of a forced blowjob by my “manly” boyfriend. By the time I’m done with him, he’s dizzy, reeling, and I’m satisfied like a ravenous beast who just destroyed her prey. I admire my cock, stroke it, and bask in the glory of my dominant conquest.
Featuring Miles Striker

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pre-Fetcon 2014

It’s that time again…


Today, the sexy Miss Kayla is coming over, as well as Lilith Astaroth. I’m still packing and doing last-minute stuff, including updating my store so that you pervs will have enough to hold you over until I get back.


I’m really looking forward to this, as I do every year, and I can’t wait to really enjoy it, rather than WORK it. Fuck that. I’m here to have fun, abuse boys who have come from out of state to see me, and make a few videos with people I really like.


Tomorrow, Goddess Kyaa is coming over to fuck around all day, then we are going out to dinner with a kink party 8-strong! I’ll bet you’re drooling over the chance to be a fly on that wall, you filthy boys! Let’s see who’s brave enough to throw himself into the lionesses’ den. I’m sure our Niteflirt lines will be on, as well as our preferred methods of payment.


In case you’ve been living under a rock, here are the Three Goddesses I’m hosting, in order: Miss Kayla, Goddess Kyaa, and Lilith Astaroth (aka Greedy Goddess on Twitter)


Miss Kayla Goddess KyaaLilith Astaroth







If you’re smart, you’ll keep your wallet out and your ears open for humiliation, abuse, and worship.

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Valentine’s Day Cuckold Forced-Bi CLIP! (NSFW)


Description: “I’m getting all cozy with my sexy boyfriend, getting ready to get down and dirty for Valentine’s Day… when my stupid HUSBAND shows up with chocolate after his hard day at work! How inconvenient. Wait… let’s have some fun and show him his place here. You know, hubby, I appreciate all the hours you work just to pay my bills and keep me happy, and this sure is yummy chocolate (you want some, boyfriend?), but I want you to know that I’ve been spending your money on sexy boyfriends. We have such a sexy time on your dime, honey. We were just about to celebrate!
I want you to suck my boyfriend’s cock, dear husband. I married you for your money and your submissive bitch nature, but I have boys on the side for cock and fucks! You’ll do anything for your dear wife, so get to work and suck that big fat cock until it busts in your subby hubby mouth. Take it deep, do it good, and prove how much you love me. After he cums in your mouth, gargle it for us! Show us that you’ll keep paying for our dates and keep pleasing BOTH of us – you’ll never divorce me, because you love me too much, and I’ll take everything from you. Get on your knees, dear.
Featuring Lance Hart and Jessie Colter




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Humiliation POV is proud to announce that they’ve landed Brat Princess Sarah DiAvola as a contributing Brat!


This is an exclusive club for only the most pathetic and desperate of losers, who have to PAY to have hot Women degrade them and teach them how to suck cock, so only TRUE ball-less, lonely, perverted fuck-offs should apply.


There’s even a forum for Us Bitches to torment you interactively!


Check them out. They’ve got a Sorority party of elite status going on in there.


Uhhh, click the photo, idiot. Duh.

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Maid Service




Meat 4 Feet



Kinkbomb Clips4Sale

I have scheduled at least one update per day, for every day in the month of February. Yes! Every day, you have something to look forward to besides the chance that I might finally respond to the Yahoo message you sent Me last year! Check My store every day, because there will be something new in there – you just don’t know what, or at what time.

Many are transfers from Clips4Sale, and several are brand new clips! I did not keep a record of exactly what clip will be updated where and when, but you might find a new clip on Kinkbomb before it’s released on Clips4Sale, and vice-versa!

Watch out, bitches.

Vote for my site!

Vote for my site!


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My account of My history as a fetish Goddess is on My never-ending list of to-dos, but trust Me that it’s always on My mind, and I am fully aware of your intense desire to read it.

In the meantime, let Me introduce you freaks to a long-time collaborative friend, Lance, who runs a few clips stores and does a little male Dom-ing in r/t…I’m showing him the ropes on the art of domination, so don’t worry; I’m not releasing another dipshit male dom to the precious fetish world.

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since I *should* have started writing this update. Anyway, I went to shoot with Lance two Fridays ago, as well as last Friday. As always, We had a blast and spent half the time laughing at sub videos, brainstorming, and shooting the shit over wine and beer. It was a wee bit difficult to have someone smoke so many ciggies around Me, but they’re non-menthol, so I resisted. I expect your CONGRATULATORY TRIBUTES for that, by the way, boys.

The first get-together involved a very eager little fuck up who stole his neighbor’s scarf so that he could beg Me to tie it around his mouth. I had already brought My own, scented with My favorite, Armani Code, and had fully prepared to choke him. I applaud his preparedness, however. I used the scented scarves as a horse’s bit in his mouth, while I rode his ass like a cowboy. Well, first My little butt slut needed a nice enema. Lance has this awesome shower attachment that was created by some idiot who thinks daily enemas in the shower are healthy (Does he douche, too?). It’s a squeeze-handle wand that is oh-so simple to shove up a fat, hairy ass and fill it until water shoots out the other end. I cleaned him out so well, he became re-acquainted with sandwiches he’d eaten 3 weeks ago.

After I’d washed dat booty a good bit, I made him close his anus and shake his ass to swish it around and get a good rinse. Then, of course, he peed out his asshole into the toilet. Theeeeeen, he got the Royal Treatment from behind. I bent him over the sink, gagged him with scented scarves, and rammed My big, fat, white cock into that fuck hole of his. Lance and I got so many angles of this game, and he even got down below the action, so that I was literally sitting on his head while he filmed a floor-eye view of the raping. I put My canon digital on the shelf and got a great view from the front, so you can see My evil (EVIL!!!) face peeping out over this bitch’s shoulders and running him out like a wild horse. I’ll post that one soon.

This penis-pov small penis humiliation clip is absolutely adorable, and you can see a shrimp dick foot freak’s reaction to it in My “rave reviews” page on I’m so fucking brilliant and infuse a strong, intelligent sharpness to My verbal humiliation.

The next Friday We just took advantage of My sweet heel collection, a super-duper foot measuring tool, and My clever, sexy verbal artistry.

At every opportunity, I indulged My hammy, photogenic tendencies by snapping pic after pic of My killer boobs and diabolical state of mind. I love the trashy-glamor of these little shots, because the room looks like a seedy hotel and My style is so raunchy and elitist, all at once:

These photos are arranged by their time stamp.

…and here’s a swingin’ hot video of My favorite thing to do with My strapon.

Now that you’ve found out about another place to find My talents and life-owning beauty, you’d better get your ass over to Lance’s stores to BUY BUY BUY these videos….then, check out the other fucked-up shit he’s got in there (My videos are in POV Pleasures and JNet Fetish.)!

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